Winds of Change

In February 1960, Harold Macmillan, the British prime minister, addressed the South African parliament. He had just completed a tour of Africa, the first-ever by a leader of the British government. The speech is known as the “Winds of Change”, in which he refers to Africa, the rise of nationalism and change in governments across the continent. The status quo would not remain. His address was certainly prophetic.

I believe that Father God, the Creator of the universe, says that the wind of change is blowing over us as individuals, as a community, as a city, and over us as a country. In Durban, we know that when there is a Southwester blowing, it will more than likely bring rain and a wave that will cause the surfers to rejoice. A northeaster often brings hot weather and blue bottles, causing pain for the swimmers. There are already indications of the winds of change, stirring up the Jardines and the Reids moving on to other areas and countries. Change will be coming to them.

These winds of change are not for disaster or destruction because God’s plans and purposes for us are to bring us into change and newness. As they blow over us, I would urge us all, myself included, to look at the signs, see what the Word of God is saying because He is speaking to each one of us. For some, our office life has changed, and we now work from home. For many, the way they have to shop has changed, and they are now ordering online and having their purchases delivered to them. Church gatherings have changed, and for several months we “met” online, and at the time of writing, our gatherings are limited to 100 in a building or 250 in the open.

Pray, read the Word, speak to leadership, and embrace the changes that God is bringing about. I know it is difficult for older people to accept, but always remember that it can only be for our good when it comes from a gracious and loving Heavenly Father.

The winds of change are blowing.

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