March 10, 2019

Time of transition

Passage: Acts 4
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Glenwood in Transition: inspired by Acts 4
Acts 4 - Summary
Peter and John have just performed an incredible miracle where a lame beggar is healed. The city is a buzz and they are arrested by the rulers of the city for teaching and preaching about Jesus and His resurrection from the dead. These rulers were astonished at the power and authority of uneducated men and warn them twice to desist from preaching and teaching but Peter full of boldness refutes them, asking; how can they not tell people about what they have witnessed. They are released and meet up with their friends and pray to God;  and again God shakes the place where they meet, and they are filled with Holy Spirit power again to continue to boldly preach and teach. They were a radical family with everything in common and there was great grace on them as they shared everything with one another and there was nobody in need.

1. We serve a miracle performing God who resurrects the dead and heals the lame. This is the same God who is for us and will help us at Glenwood.
We have an incredible story to tell to Glenwood and we have an incredible God helping us do this.
If you are part of this community then you will be on a journey to “master the sword” (the Word of God) and in doing this you will rest secure in your identity as a son or daughter of the living God.
The God of unlimited resource and infinite power is looking to work through a humble and obedient people.
We must be expectant!

2. As God worked through them they created an incredible buzz in their city and likewise there is a work that God has for us in Glenwood.
As we pursue Christ and make His ways our ways so we become what we behold.
One of our great desires is to live a life that other people want. Jesus gives abundant life. We will change Glenwood through the salvation and discipleship of those who live in Glenwood.
People can get so much from the internet these days but one thing they can’t get is the fullness of a safe family where they have the joy that comes from serving in a place that you belong. Facebook is a very poor alternative.

Citadel – radical communal work space that is facilitating the unity of a suburb as different churches office out of the same space
University – we are planning an incredible school of life for the students at the university where we can equip them for life while they study academically.
Worship – worship the king and urban sounds are initiatives that open up heaven in Glenwood and I trust our music will grace the international airwaves, I so look forward to playing our music in my own home.
Connect Groups that teach life and life abundantly
Spectacular Sunday celebrations – full of Gods electric presence, kids min on fire, prayer meeting opening heaven, world class worship, preaching and connecting over a coffee. It’s a celebration of note.
Travel – hiking in the mountains, mission trips to Mozambique, Lesotho. Church planting in India. Training times available through NCMI in 80 plus nations. The nations are our inheritance

3. That the authorities were astonished that God would work in such power with uneducated men and so we trust God will do incredible things through this humble community.
God glorifies himself in weakness.
The authority the apostles walked in was always in things that were impossible from a human point of view.
Peter had authority because he believed in Jesus and His boldness and miracle working power were gifts of the Spirit. The work of a believer is to believe!!
Belief is a condition of our heart and it is not subject to any natural human gift. We believe in our heart.
We trust God and put our faith in Him more that ourselves and this requires that we deal with our pride.
Pride is routed in fear. Christ’s perfect love casts out all fear.
We need to constantly remind ourselves and lean into our Father who on the one hand is all powerful and on the other gave his only son as a ransom for our sins… Jesus qualifies us and all our shame is nailed to His cross

4. We are a radical family whose prayers for boldness will shake the nations. Where we have everything in common. I trust that there will be nobody among us in need.
We are a people of prayer– the place where they were praying began to shake.

Prophecy over the Glenridge@Glenwood at the leaders weekend:  What we are doing at Glenwood Church will shake the nations
Isaiah 40:4 Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain.

Questions for Life Group

1. Do you spend regular time in the word and are you on a journey to master the sword?
2. Are you living a life that other people would aspire to?
3. Is there something that you feel is disqualifying you from ministering? Are you free from shame?
4. Are you connected into our family with a real sense that you have genuine vulnerable and accountable relationships?


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