April 7, 2019

The Widows Complaint

Passage: Acts 6:1-7
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The complaint of the Hellenist women
7 April 2019. Acts Series Part 9. Acts 6:1-7. Glenridge @Glenwood. Life Group Notes

A seemingly small complaint by a group of Greek-speaking widows actually opened a few massive questions for the early church community:
1. How do we make sure that the needy among do not go hungry?
2. How can we quickly and efficiently deal with any cause of disunity among us?
3. How do we need to change the way we do life together so that we can keep up with what God is doing? (Wineskin needs to change)
4. How can we keep more focused on what God has called us to (as a church and individually)?
Just like we have to be intentional to look into our blind spots when we drive a car, so too we may not notice the dangers that lurk in our church community unless we turn towards them and address these speedily.
With that in mind, please discuss and pray through the following questions:
1. In which ways can you and your family better get in touch with the reality of poverty and minister to the poor?
2. What murmurings of disunity are you aware of in your family, workplace or church? What can you do to help address these speedily?
3. How do you feel about change? Are you willing to let go of old wineskins to allow God’s new wine into your life? And in your family? And at church?
4. What is your calling? What gifts and passions has God given to you to run with to expand his kingdom?
a. How can you become more focused on that?
b. How can you recognise and empower other people in their calling?

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