Life Group Meetings

Family looks after family

Athol & Karen Brokensha

Home Group
Friday evenings, Glenwood

We have a diverse home group that love doing real life together. We do a bring-and-share meal most weeks and build meaningful and deep relationships together. 

Shaun & Lindsay Reid

Home Group
Tuesday evenings, Westville

We love people, family and faith adventures. Come as you are; leave as a risk-taking Jesus lover. 

Emil & Eleez Loots

Home Group
Wednesday evenings, Glenwood

Ladies Bible Study
Thursday mornings, Glenwood

We love the Bible, praying, family and fellowship with one another. Our home group is a place of life and growth and seeing people thrive. Eleez' morning Bible study is a time to dig deeper into the Bible, not only to learn, but to learn how to follow Jesus better. 

Anne Youngleson

Ladies Bible Study
Wednesday mornings, Musgrave

Morning Prayer Group
Monday mornings, Glenwood

I am a person deeply shaped by the story of the Bible and the power of prayer and lead two groups that allow us to grow in these awesome and powerful disciplines available to each child of God. 

Emma Loubser

Morning Prayer Group
Tuesday mornings, Glenwood

One of the best ways we can partner with what God is doing in our city is to pray. Our desire is to see God change our city and nation, bringing light where there is darkness and hope where there is none. Join us for a weekly hour of prayer before work! 

Christof & Marguerite Spies

Home Group
Wednesday evenings, Manor Gardens

Our diverse home group is on a journey of learning how to reach out and minister to people that are overlooked and excluded by society. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free - our freedom and theirs! 

Wessel & Carol Wessels

Connect Group
Wednesday evenings, Musgrave

We have a love and desire to help people grow in their understanding of the Bible and how God wants to use them. We run several connect groups that approach this task from different angles. Contact us to find out what we are currently doing. 

Norman & Anne Ward

Ladies Bible Study
Wednesday mornings, Carrington Heights

Home Group
Every second Monday evening, Carrington Heights

We love spending time with people, encouraging one another and learning together about who Jesus is and how we can follow him with all we have. 

Ivan & Stacey Ronald

Home Group
Tuesdays evenings, Glenwood

We are passionate about God's kingdom, evangelism, spiritual growth and see the nations turn to Jesus. Expect the unexpected! 

Bruce & Joelle Gibson

Home Group
Tuesday evenings, Umbilo

Our home group makes room for us to equip each other to become leaders and pioneers. God has commissioned every person for ministry - that is what we are after in this season. 

Mark & Nici Slaughter

Home Group
Tuesday evenings, Musgrave

We are on a rolling two-year discipleship programme that aims to cover the most important building blocks that our walk with Jesus is built around. 

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