Ladies Morning Feedback

On Saturday (8 May 2021), we had our ladies meeting, and it has been such a privilege to be part of it. We have been preparing for quite a few weeks, and when we were praying for the ladies to come, we asked God for a hundred ladies. Which we thought was quite a step of faith, but we prayed hard, and we had exactly one hundred ladies that signed up. So we got the number one hundred, so maybe we should have asked for more…

The theme of our ladies morning was extravagant love, and what does that mean to us. We were privileged to have Dolly Sonjica sharing with us. She spoke about extravagant love. The thing that stood out the most for me is that she spoke about; if you are wounded, you can’t be sent out to battle. This really has been what God has been doing in my life for the last few months. God wants to heal us because he can’t send us out to battle if we are wounded.

The other thing that stood out for me was the diversity. If you looked around at our ladies meeting, Hadassah was there, and she is eleven, and it went right up to ladies in their seventies. There were teachers, there were nurses, there were doctors, there were students, there were bookkeepers, there were people that don’t have jobs, there were moms of five, there were musicians, there was black, there was white, there’s a Mauritian lady, there’s a Nigerian lady.

There was space for everybody. And that is what I want to say about God and about CityGate is that there is space for everyone. So if inside you’ve believed a lie that Satan told you that you don’t fit in and there isn’t a place for you. That is a lie that I have struggled with. And I just want to say that that is what it is. It is a lie. So you need to ask God to help you to hear today that that is a lie and for you not to believe it anymore. And know that there is a place for you to get involved and just get involved.

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