God is in the details | Testimony by Caroline Gallus

Dear friends

How amazing is our father.  Trianne has gotten involved with an NGO that helps and ministers to women stuck in prostitution and who have been human trafficked.  Wanting to support this cause, I went shopping for toiletries, knowing, as a woman and mother of girls, how important these items are to our dignity.  

When I was at the store, I chose two of everything, got to the till with a queue behind me.  As the teller began to scan the goods, I felt an urging in my spirit that I needed to get another set of goods, making the total three.  Holding up the queue, I ran back into the store to collect these.  

Trianne collected everything from me.  Later she told me that they had visited a new brothel that day.  This brothel had exactly three women, and they asked for toiletries specifically.

The Father has spoken His heart to me through this story.  He is for us.  He is always good.  He loves all of His creation and has a longing for them to come to the fullness of the knowledge of His grace and mercy.  Even if we (these very trapped women) do not acknowledge Him yet;  His eyes and heart are always towards and for His creation.  

God has given us the Holy Spirit as our guide and teacher;  we only have to listen to His promptings every day.  “Let their streets resound with singing… dancers who dance upon injustice.”  Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?  By Martin Smith – Delirious

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