Family makes everything awesome

Church is a family of people who love Jesus and follow him together. More than meeting together, we trust that you will make deep and lasting friendships as you get connected to this family. 

Life Groups

Life Groups are vehicles that help us connect to one another and to God regularly and intimately. Our aim is to have every person in this church connected to one of the three kinds of groups we have:

Home Groups, which typically meet weekly for several months (or years), aim to create a true family of believers that journey through the ups and downs of life together. Some have a fairly rigid structure (such as weekly Bible study together), while others are more fluid in their approach. 

Connect Groups normally meet for a limited time around a particular theme, which might include anything from a six-week marriage enrichment focus to a "Who's coming for dinner" relational time or cooking classes! The aim is to use the theme to invest into each other. 

iGroups are a special form of Connect Group in which men and women meet in separate groups. The aim is to intentionally (hence the "i" in "iGroup") help one another grow in following Jesus. These groups are by invitation only - a kind-of undercover programme! - and run for about 10 weeks. 


Our Sunday meetings are a celebration of who Jesus is and the amazing future he has for each one of us. It is a time of thanking and exalting God as the king of kings and lord of lords and of realigning our lives to his plan and vision for us individually and corporately. It is also a time to be encouraged by the testimonies and faith of one another as we pray and worship together and connect over a cup of tea or coffee afterwards. Do join us - Sunday mornings, 09:00 - 10:30. 


The elders and staff share office space with other co-workers at the Citadel Co-work space in Glenwood. We love being interrupted by people for a catch-up coffee, so please do pop in if you are around! Tuesdays - Fridays 08:00 - 16:30. 

Get to know the Elders

Emil & Eleez Loots

Emil is a full-time surgeon whose analytical precision, systematic processing and passion for Jesus adds huge value to the eldership team. Eleez also works as a doctor and has a passion for worship, children and seeing people fall in love with Jesus. 

Ivan & Stacey Ronald

Ivan is a full-time employed elder with 30 years under his belt! Together with Stacey, they have a passion to serve the nations and to see local communities transformed by hope. 

Shaun & Lindsay Reid

Shaun is a full-time employed elder, overseeing pastoral work, youth and mission trips. Lindsay works almost full-time for the church and is the administrative and creative heartbeat of our staff. 

Mark & Nici Slaughter

Mark is an entrepreneur, director of Legacy Pet and leader of this eldership team. Nici is a full-time mom of five beautiful children. 

Christof & Marguerite Spies

Christof is a full-time employed elder, overseeing the operations, finances and worship of the church. Marguerite is a full-time classical musician and mother of three. 

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